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Well Angels fans, the hometown team is going to limp into the playoffs. The pitching is very suspect and the hitting non existent. I’m not sure how they think they can win in the playoffs without any momentum and right now they have none momentum!


CJ Wilson – Here we go again.

Well Angels fans, here we again. 5 hits, 2 runs, Wilson is getting lit up like a Christmas tree again. This guy just can’t seem to get anyone out.

CJ Wilson

It’s about time to give up on the Wilson experiment. Wilson has not been productive near the end of the season for the last several years, especially in the post season with the Rangers. It’s about time to cut him loose and find an effective pitcher who can help the Angels not only get to the post season, but help them win in the post season. At 77+ million for 5 years, he’s way over paid for his lack of production. His best year was last year, 2013, but he still hasn’t earned his paycheck as far as this fan is concerned. Angel fans can only hope the bats continue to provide lots of offense, unlike tonight in Houston,¬†for the Halos when Wilson pitches.